Historical Timeline – Post War Reconstruction

Christ Episcopal Church History - Post War Reconstruction

1869 – Only 37 congregants remained. After the freeing of slaves, Christ Episcopal Church continued its tradition of occasional services for the area’s African-Americans.

1870 – Various interior repairs and improvements were made to the church including repairs to the belfry.

1885 – Church supported renovations at both the Old Brick Church (St. Luke’s) and Christ Church in Smithfield. Rev. David Barr,E. M. Morrison and R. S. Thomas used superior organizational skills to accomplish both.

1888 – The steeple was taken down and the bell was put away for safekeeping.

1892 – New era for the church – the rectory on Main St. was sold and old paned windows with shutters were replaced with stained glass. (See pictures and history of the windows here)

1894 – The Old Brick Church (St. Luke’s) was rededicated November 14th and 15th after renovations were started by Rev. David Burr and members of Christ Church.

1895 – 1900 – Christ Church used Baptist Church facilities during its renovation. The marble font was donated by H. M. Day of New York (a former member).

Historical Timeline of Christ Episcopal Church

1. Revolutionary War

2. Early Development

3. Civil War

4. Post-War Reconstruction

5. The Christ Episcopal Stained Glass

6. The Modern Era