Historical Timeline – The Civil War

Christ Episcopal Church History - The Civil War

1861 – Rector Rev. Roberts left to serve as a chaplain in the Confederate Army.

1862 – April 16 – The last vestry meeting for the duration of the war. The church bell was tendered to the Confederate authorities for use in ordinance. After Rector Edward J. Perkins joined the military, services were held throughout the Civil War without a rector.

1864 – January 34 – Service was canceled abruptly when Mollie Cowper Chalmers yelled, “The Yankee gunboats are in the creek.” During the battle on the following day, the Federal gunboat Smith Briggs was sunk. The action resulted in the capture/killing of all landing party (17) and the taking of 144 prisoners. One of the prisoners was a Yankee soldier found hiding in the church.

1865 – September 13th – The first vestry meeting was held. The following vestry members did not return:

  • Dr. James Southhall
  • Gen. Francis Boykin
  • Dr. George Wilson
  • Lt. Walter F. Wrenn

Historical Timeline of Christ Episcopal Church

1. Revolutionary War

2. Early Development

3. Civil War

4. Post-War Reconstruction

5. The Christ Episcopal Stained Glass

6. The Modern Era