Historical Timeline – The Early Development

Christ Episcopal Church History - The Early Development

The congregation moved from St. Lukes: The distance from the developing town of Smithfield was too far for mules, wagons and foot traffic, which probably led congregants to leave St. Luke’s. Historic St. Luke’s was apparently abandoned.

1832 – Mallory Moore Todd gave property with a brick building to the congregation made up mostly of the children, in-laws and grandchildren of Capt. Mallory Todd from Bermuda who founded the first curing and packing business in the town.

1836 – April 18th – The first meeting. Painted exterior, pulpit, desk and chancel. The Ladies Sewing Society gave money for the rest of the interior. The vestry took steps to secure the Old Brick church (St. Luke’s) from intruders and for a minister to preach one service a month there.

1841 – The Ladies Benevolent Society donated money toward stucco.

1855 – A building on Main St. (now the Smithfield Inn) was purchased for the rectory.

1858 – 26 years after the founding of the church, the first large-scale improvement created a chancel and 2 aisles of pews. An unusual design was used in the parquet floors.

Historical Timeline of Christ Episcopal Church

1. Revolutionary War

2. Early Development

3. Civil War

4. Post-War Reconstruction

5. The Christ Episcopal Stained Glass

6. The Modern Era