Historical Timeline – The Stained Glass

The windows of Christ Episcopal Church are inspiring and breathtaking (especially the west windows on a sunny afternoon). Each window hand crafted by renowned modern glass studios at the turn of the century. Here is a brief description of each one:

Christ Episcopal Stained Glass Windows

Baptism of Christ – circa 1900, Tiffany studios

Angel at the Empty Tomb – circa 1900, Tiffany studios

The Life of Christ – circa 1900, probably Tiffany

Calling of the Disciples – circa 1095 – Munich style, Franz Mayer

Healing Jarius’ Daughter – circa 1905, Munich style, Franz Mayer

Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock –circa 1909, R. Lamb Studios

Suffer the Little Children to Come to Me – circa 1950, Munich style

Christ Episcopal Stained Glass Windows

Historical Timeline of Christ Episcopal Church

1. Revolutionary War

2. Early Development

3. Civil War

4. Post-War Reconstruction

5. The Christ Episcopal Stained Glass

6. The Modern Era